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How To Build Your Own Compost Box

A natural biological method where microorganisms decompose organic materials like plants and animals wastes to produce compost is known as composting.

The whole process of composting can be accelerated and improved by human intervention to achieve humus. Composting can preserve landfill space and reduce the production of leachate and methane gas. Therefore, it plays a significant role in diverting waste from landfills besides producing humus or compost.

Do-it-yourself Compost Box Do-it-yourself Compost Box

Building something on your own instead of purchasing pre-made packages from market may save your money. You can make your own compost as you think commercial packages are bit expensive. Then why not built your own composting bin? There are different methods available to produce a better quality of humus by building your own compost box such as turning unit, holding unit, wire-mesh holding unit, snow-fence holding unit, wood and wire three-bin turning unit, worm composting bin, etc. To get started build your own compost box, throw in your kitchen scraps and yard waste, and mix it up.

Therefore, to make your own composting bin the first thing you have to do is finding a suitable place in your garden, which is partially shaded and at least 2 feet from a structure like fence. Also confirm that you have access to water and good drainage at the location of compost box. You can compost in a simple heap, but using a compost box or composting bin helps your compost pile retain heat and moisture, which is easily manageable and look neat.

Construction Tips For A Small, Wooden Composting Bin

You can easily develop a single composting bin system and add materials to it that settles down after getting in to final compost or humus. As there are different types of compost box but the most easy compost box is made through a pile of wood that is 1 cubic yard, which is big enough to retain heat and moisture. This compost box is small enough to be easily turned, however, it is advised that home compost piles should not be larger than 5' x 5' x 5'. You have to build a cube as a frame from this pile and nail to the frame. It is always better to leave gaps between piles of wood placed horizontally so that air may pass through it. Once you get all four sides done, make a lid to cover the compost box.

How To Add The Right Material In Order To Get The Best Humus Is No Secret Compost Science

Once your composting bin is ready the next step to get quality compost is to add waste materials in this newly made composting bin. You can add yard clippings, food scraps, apple cores and other vegetables and fruits. However, you should avoid adding any fats, oils or meats as well as put twigs or branches in the composting bin. The meat and fats can tend to draw rodents, bring in unwanted microorganisms and can raise the growth of maggots.

After adding all the organic waste material to the compost box the next step will be to stir the mixture with the rake or shovel after every two or three days. You will see that after 4 to 6 weeks the compost is ready that can be fully transformed to humus.

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Little compost science about building your own compost box in order to get best humus