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Cow Manure Is One Sort Of Farmyard Manure To Get Quality Compost

Farmyard manure is one of the best options to produce good quality compost. The manure basically contributes to the fertility of the soil by adding organic matter and nutrients. The farmyard manure is mostly composed of cow manure, horse manure, chicken manure, etc.

The compost also include some animal dung or bedding besides other organic and green wastes. You can add any or all for making compost from cow manure, horse manure and chicken manure. You should take care while making big compost piles from these animal manures as it will foul the air over a very large area and require considerable effort to extinguish.

Cow manure Cow manure is a balanced nutrition, which is provides better growth for plants

The cow manure is often the first choice of those who want to yield good quality of compost in number of days.
The cow manure is a balanced nutrition, which is available to the plants for better growth. The cow manure enriches the soil and the slurry that comes out is highly composted and extremely rich. During the process of making the compost, take care that the cow manure does not get wet.

You should know that composting made by cow manure get too much hot, therefore, you must keep a good amount of oxygen in the compost pile for maintain the aerobic composting process. To avoid the cow manure overheating with the worms in the compost to decompose it, you should pass it through initial composting period.

Horse Manure And Stall Waste Can Produce Good Quality Compost

As horse manure also contains lots of weed seeds because they do not digest seeds properly. By an approximation one horse produces about 25 kilogram of horse manure per day, over eight tons per year. Therefore, the huge mound of horse manure and stall waste generated by your horse can be used efficiently to produce compost of good quality. Hence if you have a backyard or small farm then composting horse manure is an excellent manure management technique.

The composting from horse manure has many benefits such as it reduces the possibility of parasite re-infestation in your horse because the heat generated in the composting process kills won-n eggs, pathogens and weed seeds. The horse manure made composting also reduces flies by eliminating their breeding ground as well as reduces odors. The compost made from horse manure is a rich soil enhancement, which improves the health of both plants and soil.

Fresh Chicken Manure May Contain Disease Organisms

On the other hand, chicken manure is also a good option for producing quality compost, especially for those who wants a good soil amendment and fertilizer. The chicken manure is very concentrated and it should be used sparingly. The chicken manure provides Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium to your plants as well as increases the water holding capacity and beneficial biota in soil.

However, fresh chicken manure may contain disease organisms that could infect root crops and leaves. Therefore, avoid spreading un-composted chicken manure on the soil in your vegetable garden.

The availability of potassium and phosphorus from farmyard manure is similar to that from inorganic sources and it improves the fertility of the soil. That is why the farmyard manure is known to be rich in nutrients.

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All about farmyard manure especially the benefits of cow manure and horse manure